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The practice will be having a visit from the Care Quality Commission on the 26th May 2016. The CQC will be keen to get a patient opinion on the practice and will also be  in particular interested in the involvement of patients in the practice, the practice safeguarding procedures, practice infection control, recruitment and our complaints process.

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The practice will be hosting a anti-coagulation service for its patients delivered by Prescribing Support Service (PSS) in partnership with Cityhealth GP federation. The service will monitor patients who are on warfarin. Patients on warfarin treatment need close monitoring and adjustments to their medication. PSS have a track record of medicine management and optimisation and we are proud to host this service which would benefit patients at the practice and other practices too.


The practice is hosting diagnostic services including non-obstetric  ultrasound services delivered by Mediscan lisinopril 40 mg. Mediscan offers urgent  ultrasound  scans within 1 week of referral and 2 weeks for all non-urgent scans.  The ultra sound scan are offered at various sites including Clarendon Medical Centre. Patients would be offered a choice of this service when there are seen by their practitioner.


The practice is hosting a new fertility clinic delivered by Yorkshire Fertility from Calderdale Hospital NHS Trust and partnered with the new local GP federation Cityhealth. Patients from Clarendon and also from other practices will benefit from a service offering  excellent access, specialist nurses  with support from a consultant gynaecologist Dr Martin De Bono lisinopril 10 mg tablet. The service will be a ‘one stop’ service offering general fertility services  with one hour appointments for patients that have had difficulty in conceiving. Please contact your doctor/practitioner for further support.

The clinics will start from the 13th MAY 2016.


The practice is hosting  counselling services for patients that are suffering from psychological distress or other mental heath issues such as anxiety or depression. The service will be every Thursday and is delivered by a senior psychological practitioner Iain Sinclair from Bradford District Care Trust lisinopril generic.  Patients can be referred into the service by discussing with their doctor/practioner. We hope that you find the service valuable and appreciate your feedback.


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Patients Forum

Welcome to the Patients’ Forum page!

We want to improve our service to you – and we need your guidance to ensure this happens.

The Patients’ Fourm is being developed so that  you can tell us what you think.

The practice is looking to further develop its Patient Participation Group and will welcome patient representatives from the practice. They would be a strong advocate for patient choice and voice. The practice would welcome feedback in how we can improve services and access to the practice.

If you are interested please visit the URL below for further information. It contains information on how you can join the PPG as well as access the recent patient surveys, reports and minutes.

The practice  PPG chair is Salim Khan. The practice has a dedicated noticeboard  in the waiting room.

Clarendon Medical Centre – PPG


New Clinics

The practice will be hosting a anti-coagulation service for its patients delivered by Prescribing Support Service (PSS )in partnership with Cityhealth GP federation.


There are currently no vacancies.