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Clarendon Medical Centre update on changes

Clarendon Medical Centre update on changes:

Same Day Access:

Our WALK-IN clinics will now run every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the Alice Street Site and Thursday, Friday at the Manningham Site. Patients will be allocated a space on a first come first serve basis; Allocation will start from 8.30 am every day. Please NOTE TWO patients ONLY per family/household will be seen.  If you have been seen in our walk-in clinic you will not be seen again within the next 2 weeks in our walk-in clinic. We offer access via many different ways from walk in clinics to routine appointments and daily GP triage system. If you require an appointment on the day and are unable to attend the walk in clinic you can leave and on call message for the GP to triage, our aim is to respond within 4 hours.

Sick Notes and Home Visits:

For sick notes and home visits please call and request to be booked in for a telephone consultation with GP.

Please ask at reception for further details.

Requests for Repeat Medication:

Please allow 48 hours for the prescriptions to be processed

Prescription processing is very important and cannot be rushed therefore order your prescription before it runs out.

TO ORDER REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS YOU CAN ALSO SIGN UP ONLINE, You can collect SystmOnline registration form from reception and we will be able to issue you a user name and password enabling you to use the service.

EMAIL AT prescriptions.clarendon@bradford.nhs. Or leave a written request in person or post before 3pm which can be collected 48hours later after 4.30pm Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays.

The surgery does not arrange deliveries of medication or prescriptions. You can nominate a pharmacy of your own choice to collect prescriptions on your behalf.

Please note collection time for repeat prescription is after 4.30 pm.



The online registration is simple and completely secure. You will need to register for online services by coming to our Reception with proof of your identity (photo-ID – e.g. a UK passport or driving license). You will then be given a user name and password, and then you’re ready to go…

We encourage patients to register on online, this allows the patient to find available doctor’s appointment slots, book new appointments, view appointments you have already booked, cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view test results, and submit questions.



HOME CARE IS BEST Most common illnesses don’t need antibiotics. Your local pharmacist can recommend medication to help ease your symptoms.


The practice offer in house physiotherapist appointments, 3 days a week with female and male therapists.  They also offer in house chiropodists, and IAPT counsellors. Please enquire at reception for more details.

Decision on Manningham GP Practice

Decision on Manningham GP practices

Please click the button below to download the latest Letter to Patient’s at Manningham Medical Practice.

patient participation group

Taking on more Patients

The Primary Clinical Commissioning Committee has taken the decision to disperse the Patient lists in Manningham area. This means that we may be taking more patients. We are in the process of making an application for continuity of care of these patients. We are ensuring that we have extra capacity to cater for our existing patient list as well as for new registered patients.

We are recruiting more clinical and non-clinical staff to meet increment in demand in accessing the practice.

CMC guarantee offering existing and new patients same day access appointments for patients under 5 and over 65.

The on call system has a target response of 4 hours within initial contact by a patient. Patients are offered same day access through telephone call back or face to face consultation following clinical triage. This has increased access by 35% for appointments.

Due to increased demand (over 30% last 5 years) and technological challenges, CMC is implementing a new telephony solution to improve patient experience. It allows: HD voice calls, video calls through skype, direct dial numbers for community teams, remote calling for training and monitoring purposes and also features a call board.

For more information contact our Patient Engagement Lead Rizwana Shaheen.      




Extended Access to Primary Care

From 12 June 2017, this practice is taking part in the GP extended access service at Westbourne Green Community Healthcare Centre.

This means that you may be offered an opportunity to attend an evening (after 6.30 pm) or weekend appointment at Westbourne Green to see a health care professional or to take part in other activities that will improve your health and wellbeing.

The service is run by Bradford Care Alliance, which represents most GP practices in the Bradford area. Medical appointments are with GPs and other healthcare staff who work in the area; therefore, your appointment may not be with a clinician from this practice.

To use the service we will ask for your consent to share your medical record with the extended access service. When you are offered an appointment, our receptionists will talk to you about what this means and why it is necessary.

• You can read more about the extended hours service here
• Westbourne Green Community Healthcare Centre is located at 26 Heaton Road, Bradford BD8 8RA


Hi all,

The practice will be having a visit from the Care Quality Commission on the 26th May 2016. The CQC will be keen to get a patient opinion on the practice and will also be  in particular interested in the involvement of patients in the practice, the practice safeguarding procedures, practice infection control, recruitment and our complaints process.

Further information can be found on


The practice will be hosting a anti-coagulation service for its patients delivered by Prescribing Support Service (PSS) in partnership with Cityhealth GP federation. The service will monitor patients who are on warfarin. Patients on warfarin treatment need close monitoring and adjustments to their medication. PSS have a track record of medicine management and optimisation and we are proud to host this service which would benefit patients at the practice and other practices too.


The practice is hosting diagnostic services including non-obstetric  ultrasound services delivered by Mediscan lisinopril 40 mg. Mediscan offers urgent  ultrasound  scans within 1 week of referral and 2 weeks for all non-urgent scans.  The ultra sound scan are offered at various sites including Clarendon Medical Centre. Patients would be offered a choice of this service when there are seen by their practitioner.




The practice is hosting a new fertility clinic delivered by Yorkshire Fertility from Calderdale Hospital NHS Trust and partnered with the new local GP federation Cityhealth. Patients from Clarendon and also from other practices will benefit from a service offering  excellent access, specialist nurses  with support from a consultant gynaecologist Dr Martin De Bono lisinopril 10 mg tablet. The service will be a ‘one stop’ service offering general fertility services  with one hour appointments for patients that have had difficulty in conceiving. Please contact your doctor/practitioner for further support.


The clinics will start from the 13th MAY 2016.



The practice is hosting  counselling services for patients that are suffering from psychological distress or other mental heath issues such as anxiety or depression. The service will be every Thursday and is delivered by a senior psychological practitioner Iain Sinclair from Bradford District Care Trust lisinopril generic.  Patients can be referred into the service by discussing with their doctor/practioner. We hope that you find the service valuable and appreciate your feedback.


2017 – 18

“The average pay for GPs working at Clarendon Medical Practice in the last financial year 2017/18 was £42,504 before tax and National insurance. This is for 1 full-time GP and 4 locums who worked at the practice for more than 6 months”

2016 – 17

“The average pay for GPs working at Clarendon Medical Practice in the last financial year 2016/17 was £67,445 before tax and National insurance. This is for 1 full-time GP and 2 part-time GPs who worked at the practice for more than 6 months”

2015 – 16

“The average pay for GPs working at Clarendon Medical Practice in the last financial year 2015/16 was £51,887 before tax and National insurance. This is for 1 full-time GP and 5 part-time GPs who worked at the practice for more than 6 months”