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Self-Care Day for the Community

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Self-Care Poster Nov2018

Self-Care Day for the Community
Girlington Community Centre
Wednesday 14th Nov 2018
10am – 2 pm

For further information call: 01274 736996
An event for the whole community organised by

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The Flu Campaign

The Flu Campaign is back again NEWS ANOTHER SELF CARE EVENT

We will hold walk-in clinics for FLU VACCINES at Clarendon Medical Centre, Manningham Health Centre, Lumb Lane, Bradford BD8 7SY on the following THURSDAYS 27/09/2018, 04/10/2018, 11/10/2018, 18/10/2018, 25/10/2018 between 4:00PM to 7:00PM.

Come along and get your flu vaccination, but first check if you qualify.

We look forward in seeing you soon.

Important information for all Patients

Clarendon Medical Centre merged with Manningham Health Centre in February 2018.

Please Note: Clarendon Medical Centre is ONE Practice running from TWO sites.

Clarendon Medical Centre @ 5 Alice Street BD8 7RT & Clarendon Medical Centre @ Manningham Health Centre, Lumblane, Bradford BD8 7SY, 01274736996.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further clarification, The staff at the practice are more than happy to assist further if needed.

Collections Point for any repeat prescriptions or any prescription requests will be from

Clarendon Medical Centre, 5 Alice Street BD8 7RT

Collections for referrals and sick notes will be from

Manningham Health Centre, Lumblane, Bradford BD8 7SY

Clinics on 21/08/2018 & 22/08/2018


Clinics on 21/08/2018 & 22/08/2018

Please note we will be operating from Manningham Health Centre Site on 21/08/2018 & 22/08/2018.

Our services will still be up and running from ONE SITE ONLY

For any queries, requests and appointments, please attend Clarendon Medical Centre at Manningham Health Centre, Lumb Lane, Bradford BD8 7SY

Many Thanks

Clarendon Medical Centre

Clarendon Medical Centre Important Updates!

1. Our WALK-IN clinics run on Mondays Tuesdays & Wednesdays at the Alice Street Site BD8 7RT first come first serve from 8.30 am and on Thursdays Fridays at the Manningham Site BD8 7SY first come first serve from 8.30am. Please NOTE TWO patients ONLY per family/household will be seen. Many Thanks for your continuous support.

2. Please note for repeat medication or sick notes; you do not need to be seen by a GP. When requesting repeat medication please allow 48 hours for processing, we only accept repeat requests via written form. To make it easier Signup to our online services. You can order your medication; book your
Appointments; view blood results from the comfort of your own home. Using SystmOnline is easy, use the app on your phone, and ask for the login details from one of the admin team.

3. All practices in Bradford are being asked to STOP prescribing Over the Counter medication.

All surgeries and health centres in Bradford are now being asked to stop prescribing what they call ‘Over the Counter’ medication – OTC medication for short. The other name used for OTC medication is the General Sales List Medicines. Clarendon Medical Centre will also be implementing this – as it is a mandate that all surgeries have to do.

This means that if a medication is sold over the counter by local pharmacies, then you will need to get it from them rather than resorting your GP for a prescription.

Why is this being done?

• The main reason is that it will save the NHS quite a lot of money – and this is important because especially as the NHS is underfunded and strapped for cash these days. In the mean-time, it is important for us to put measures in place to protect our NHS and help it continue to run for the future – for ourselves and our children. Did you know that something you buy over the counter for a couple of pounds might cost the NHS FIVE or SIX times more! It’s crazy – we know – but it is the truth! If we don’t protect our NHS, we might end up with a system like America, where only those who can afford to pay get the best care. Do you want that?

• This move will also help prevent our appointments being used for little things that you can sort out for yourself. This will help us provide more time and deeper care for patients with complex or serious medical illnesses.

• But the other good news is that you don’t have to sit around ages waiting for a doctor to call you in! You can go to your local pharmacy, get information and advice from them, buy an OTC medication if needed, and get on with your life.

Can you give me some examples of OTC medication?

Here’s a small list of commonly requested items from us that you can buy from your local pharmacy.
OTC medication include things like

• Paracetamol/calpol
• Ibuprofen
• Cough mixtures
• Sudafed
• Gaviscon
• Canesten cream (for thrush or athletes foot/groin)
• Hay fever tablets
• Nit lotion

• Laxatives like Senna or Lactulose (although if your motions have changed, come and see the doctor).
Please try to purchase these items from your local pharmacist rather than resorting to your GP practice.

Clarendon Medical Centre

Patient Network Event June 2018

DOWNLOAD June 2018 – Patient Network Poster

Join us at the Patient Network and become a dementia friend and help your PPG/GP practice become ‘dementia friendly’.

27th June, 12.30-3.00pm
@Carlisle Business Centre, Bradford, BD8 8BD

Repeated on 28th June, 6.00-8.00pm
@Douglas Mill, Bradford, BD5 7JR

Call: 07931561448