Suzanne Dolby and Clarendon Medical Centre aim to offer your practice the height of podiatric care in a central Bradford location, well catered for by local transport with up to date medical equipment and technology. All consultations will be recorded directly onto Systmone. At this time we can also offer short waiting times of 3 weeks on average and offer urgent appointments within the week.

The use of Systmone allows for easy, accurate and up to date access of information between the Podiatrist and GP to allow for optimal treatment plans to be made.

I have been working within the Bradford and Airedale region for 20 years, initially through GP fund holding then through the PCT and now through the CCG. Previous to this I have been the Podiatrist for Leeds United F.C, Bradford Bulls and England football team. I have also established and ran a secondary care podiatry Department for 5 years.

You can refer to Suzanne Dolby, Podiatry, through referrals on S1. The referral can be faxed to Clarendon Medical Centre or through Choose and Book.

Tel: 01274 726956


The following services are available through AQP core podiatry:

Nail surgery with or without phenolisation

An initial assessment appointment is necessary before nail surgery can be booked.


  • Biomechanics including:
  • Calcaneal/Heel spur
  • Plantarfasciitis
  • Mortons neuroma/plantar interdigital neuromas
  • Metatarsal and intermetatarsal bursitis
  • Hallux valgus/Bunions
  • Clawed toes
  • Anterior knee pain
  • Recurrent ankle sprains

Biomechanical patients can be assessed and fitted with off the shelf orthotics in one appointment to improve patient convenience


Annual diabetic foot check excluding QOF


Routine podiatry including Verrucae, corns and nail care for patients unable to manage own nail care.

Fungal skin and nail infections and clippings sent for mycology



Every patient is assessed individually to provide optimal treatment plans.


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